The first month of the new year brings the tradition of Dry January. The act of giving up alcohol for the entire month. For many it is an annual tradition to drink less, or for some to “detox” from drinking over the holidays. This year there is a new way to do Dry January, which is Cannuary. Cann the Social Cannabis Tonic is putting a green twist on the dry month of January. Using THC and CBD they have created a low dosed, delicious cannabis tonic. This means that for the month of January you can swap all your alcohol for a cannabis based drink.

At Cann they believe that THC and CBD are buds and have more fun when combined. It all started with Jake who didn’t want to sacrifice the feeling of being buzzed, and wanted to eliminate hangovers. He created Cann to be highly social and intended to be shared. Then there is the benefit of the micro dosed controllable buzz Cann provides. This made Luke a fan who thought cannabis wasn’t for him. He found himself replacing 25% of his alcohol consumption with Cann. The two then started the company creating a unique cannabis based social tonic. The consistent and uplifting effect Cann provides is based on it’s 2:1 CBD to THC ratio, in a Sativa-Dominant Hybrid. Creating a balanced,and uplifting buzz.

Available in 4 flavors such as Grapefruit Rosemary, Lemon Lavender, Blood Orange Cardamom, and Pineapple Jalapeno. Then there is the Cranberry Sage,a limited holiday edition which is a favorite of Kate Hudson. The actress, author, and fashion entrepreneur called it her “official” drink for the holiday season. Hudson is not the only celebrity that is a fan of the cannabis based social tonic. There is also Darren Criss, the Emmy & Golden Globe award winner and actor also enjoys the benefits of this social tonic. He enjoys the edge it takes off without the poison of alcohol, as well as it’s all natural and low on calories. Cann is based on three simple ingredients of water, agave, and cannabis, which makes Cann a healthier alternative to drinking.

Darren is in support of the trend of replacing alcohol with cannabis drinks,and that is what Cannuary is all about. For the month of January and February Cann products will be 25% off till March first at Alternative Herbal Health services. Here you can find single, four packs, and six packs of Cann cannabis drinks. Available in flavors like Lemon Lavender or Blood Orange Cardamom. Cann is perfect for both novice and experienced cannabis consumers. Dry January is canceled, “We’re doing Cannuary instead”. Cheers to a not so Dry January and February!!!